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Poster: Crusader37 Date: Nov 19, 2017 4:40pm
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: hello im new

hello everyone..i am ed...i love these old radio shows but there is supposedly a download link here i was wanting to if i could to put one of the programs to either my phone or to my computer but but there is no way to do that apparently even though there are links that says i can but if there is i would like to know how but anyway im glad i found this website.. i used to listen to the old radio shows on the radio way back in the early 890's on a radio station

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Poster: Jeff Kaplan Date: Nov 20, 2017 12:18pm
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Re: hello im new

To download go to the "DOWNLOAD OPTIONS" section on the right side of a page:
1. To download all the files on the page that have the same format, click one of the links in the "DOWNLOAD OPTIONS" menu or
2. To download single files click the "SHOW ALL" link and then right-click or control-click on the link to the file you wish to download.